NEW   1.4” High Frequency Compression Driver, 2.85” voice coil, 100 W, 109 dB


ND72HB copy


  • 1.4" Throat diameter 
  • 72 mm (2.85 in.) voice coil
  • 200 W Program Power Capacity  (1-20 kHz)
  • 109 dB Sensitivity (1-10 kHz)
  • Frequency range 0.5 - 19 kHz
  • Neodymium magnetic structure


The ND72HB is powerful 1.4” neodymium high frequency compression driver, which features a carbon hybrid dome with high damped vented suspension, providing high output with very low distortion. The new hybrid technology reduces breakup modes and ensures perfect Waterfall Response of the driver. These new dome materials provide excellent vocal reproduction with very warm and clean sounding. The voice coil assembly is easily fielded replaceable without soldering. It is designed for a wide variety of applications in high quality, high power professional reinforcement systems and stage monitors.



Throat diameter
Nominal impedance
Minimum impedance
D.C. resistance
Power capacity (1-20 kHz)
Program Power Capacity (1-20 kHz)
Sensitivity (1 - 10 kHz)
Frequency range
Recommended crossover
Voice coil diameter
Flux density

36 mm (1.4 in.)
16 Ohms
12.5 Ohms
10 Ohms
100 W
200 W
109 dB
0,5 - 19 kHz
1 kHz or higher 12 dB/oct.min
72 mm (2,85 in.)
2,1 T


Voice coil material
Voice coil former

Carbon Hybrid


Positive voltage on red terminal moves diaphragm toward the phasing plug


Overall diameter
Net weight

130 mm
89 mm
4 x M6 on 101,6 mm (4 in.) diameter
2,95 kg



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